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The Unofficial Guide to Boston -- Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

Posted on May 02 2016


Red Sox Game at Fenway Park


If there’s one thing every Bostonian loves, it’s the Red Sox. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or you just picked up a Red Sox cap to represent that GPA, you won’t be accepted as a Bostonian until you go to Fenway. Scoring tickets to a Red Sox game isn’t always easy. Fenway Park sells out more often than college seniors looking at consulting groups. So during regular baseball season—usually late March to late September—check for tickets and schedules on the Red Sox website. They can range anywhere from $12 for bleachers to $130+ for field box seats. And make sure to pick up some gear beforehand, because prices at the stadium can be outrageous!  


A perfect time to visit Fenway Park is in the springtime, when the weather is warming up and the stress of finals are ebbing away for all the college students in the area. The youthful season provides the perfect opportunity to visit the city with your friends and pack your bag for a daytime picnic, ending the day with an exciting Red Sox game. 


Fenway Park


To physically get to Fenway, opt for the poor man’s limo: the MBTA. Take any Green Line to Kenmore. If you get the D line, you can ride it all the way down to the Fenway stop. Then just follow the swarming crowds and you’ve made it:

Welcome to Fenway Park. 


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